Valuable Customers,

Dear Sir or Madam,
We  would  like   to Introducing   our   Company,  PT.MUARA ADHI PRAWIRA  or  better
known  as  MAPMOVING  an  easy  to  remember  name  which means  “the world in my
hand”!   We  are  a  premium  integrated  mover  & freight  forwarding services company.

We   are  a  young,  energetic, highly reputable   organization  backed up by more than
250  overseas  agents   a  cross   the  World.  Their   agents  give  us, and ultimately our
clients,   the   support   and   guarantees to  ensure  many  kind of shipment  via  air  &
ocean    freight  LCL  (Less Container Load), FCL  (Full Container Load),  Break  bulking
cargo, etc.

MAPMOVING   provide   the  best   mover   &   freight   forwarding   service  in  Jakarta,  
Indonesia  and   our  impressive   multinational   client   list   is   evidence   of  this.  We
handle  shipments   through   the  main  ports  of Tanjung  Priok or Cengkareng Jakarta,
Indonesia   and   thereafter   our  shipments   are   placed   in  the  care  of  our  vetted,
reputable worldwide agent-network across the globe.

Our  mission  is  to  become  an  indispensable  shipping organization within the highly  
competitive    worldwide    market.   Our  highly   trained  and   experienced  personnel,
combined   with   our   strong   partnerships  makes  gives  us the confidence to achieve
this and take on any assignment, large or small.

At  our  headquarters  in  Jakarta  we  have a dedicated  workforce of  69 highly  trained
professionals  including  the  12  hard  working   members   of   our  Sales  &  Marketing  
department    our    staff   have  many  combined   years  of  experience in air & ocean  
mover  &  freight  forwarding  inclusive  domestic and  inter-Island   relocation  services  
and  are  dedicated  to  providing  the  best  possible  service  to   our clients.  We have
operated  in   the  tight,   highly   competitive  Jakarta market and  we  stand  head  and
shoulders   above   the  competition  due  to  our wealth  of  experience  and our strong
customer   care  focus.  This   is   continually   demonstrated   to  us  in  the  amount  of
repeat  business  we  receive  from  satisfied  customers.  We   consider  our selves  as  a
close    family    with   everyone   working     for    the   same   goal  complete  customer

Yours faithfully,
RM. Yoyo NS Wijoyo
Managing Director
PT. Muara Adhi Prawira
SIUJPT Reg. No. 555.1/765-DISHUB/V/2008
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